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Birch Gold Precious Metals Income Stream Overview

Precious Metals Income StreamThe Birch Gold Affiliate Program gives Insurance Agents and Financial Professionals an opportunity to add a significant precious metals income stream from your existing client base, as they’ve probably inquired with you regarding precious metals, especially in these uncertain economic times that have retirees worried about their financial future. Learn more about COVID-19’s impact on retirees here.

Birch Gold Affiliate ProgramRe-launched in May 2020, Birch Gold Group’s affiliate program now offers some of the highest commissions in the precious metals industry, rates when coupled with strong customer care can mean high order values and 4 or even 5 figure commissions.

The program pays both per qualified lead ($25) and a percentage (currently 2-5%) of any qualified investment.

Unlike many programs of this type which can have minimum orders of $25,000 in order to trigger commission payouts, Birch has a $5k minimum with sales below $10,000 paying an industry-top of 2%.

Thanks to Birch’s knowledgeable brokers and strong value funnels, clients often buy multiple times, meaning affiliates can earn significant sums due to being locked into lifetime commissions on referred customers.

Although Birch operates in a highly competitive niche – US Self-Directed Retirement accounts – payouts typically make up for higher SEO / ad costs.

Insurance Agents and Financial Professionals have the added advantage of referring their existing clients to their affiliate link (such as a 301 redirect on your existing web properties to your Birch Gold affiliate link that’s easy for your clients to visit) by word of mouth, saving on these SEO / ad costs if they neither have the time nor desire to refer in this manner.

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NOTE: The Birch Gold application form is for both Birch Gold and their crypto offer BitIRA – the affiliate page is branded under their BitIRA program, but don’t worry you’ll also be applying for gold…

Birch Gold Precious Metals Income Stream Payment Rates

Per Lead Percentage Notes
$251 Qualified Leads Only
2% Sales under $10k
3% Sales $10k-$50k
4% Sales $50k-$250k
5% Sales $250k+
1% 2nd Tier Sales $25k+2
(1) Unqualified leads pay $0, qualified leads pay $25
(2) 2nd tier earnings are available on qualifying sales by any affiliates introduced by you.


Birch Gold Precious Metals Income Stream Resources

Note: The program is six months old at time of writing (October 2020), banners are a little limited. If there’s a particular banner design you have in mind, your affiliate manager is a phone call or email away and they can help you on the creatives side and offer other advice and insight to help you make the most of this opportunity.

YesAffiliate Center
NoMentor Program
NoFacebook Group/s
YesTech Support
NoPayout Minimum
YesWide Banner Choice
YesPromotional Videos
YesPDFs / Lead Magnets
NoCustom Landing Pages
YesCustom 800 Number

Market Location


Birch Gold’s business is principally in the Self-Directed IRA market which is by it’s very nature US-only. Although they also do approximately 20% in diversified portfolios and straight cash sales, these too are only within US.

Product Mix

Alternative Assets

As well as Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium coins and bars, Birch offers cryptocurrencies through their BitIRA program – so may be of interest to a wider audience outside of precious metals.

Affiliate Network


Birch Gold runs their affiliate program on the HasOffers platform, here – and because the program launched earlier this year, this platform is in the process of being updated with affiliate resources and creatives (October 2020).

Sign-up is free, and acceptance is based on skill levels and experience. For maximum benefit affiliates should be well-versed with financial offers, with a good working knowledge of online marketing and ideally prior experience in precious metals.

Marketing Channels

All Accepted. From social, video and search marketing to in-person events.


No negative competitor reviews. This is a strictly policed policy and affiliates will be removed for violations.

Birch Gold are very strong on affiliate compliance, in terms of disclosures, lead data privacy and adherence to anti-spam rules.

Once you apply, your affiliate manager will contact you via return email, usually within 24 – 48 hours Monday to Friday, to ask you a few questions to verify that you’re a good fit for the program. If approved, as mentioned above they’ll be available to you as a valuable resource to help you get the most out of this opportunity.

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NOTE: The Birch Gold signup form is for both Birch Gold and their crypto offer BitIRA

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