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Life Insurance Sales Leads

Any marketing strategy that saves time, money and is beneficial is a good marketing strategy. Of all the hardest leads to come by, life insurance sales leads have to be on top the list. There are hundreds of insurance companies across the United States, which have the potential to underwrite millions of people but some of these people do not regard life insurance as a necessity. That is when an appropriate lead generation program is critical for an increase in business and earning potential for your agency, or you as an individual agent.

You can choose to buy life insurance sales leads to assist in the optimization in earning prospective of your business. There are a number for companies who earn a decent rate of return by specializing in insurance lead generation and qualification; which is big business with these companies specializing in marketing, the procurement and sale of the same. These companies offer these marketing services on a mega scale to agents across the country. In this cut throat business this is a plausible option for advancement.

It’s not an exact science but all leads have the potential to become active leads. However because untargeted prospects are either a hit or miss situation, or these generic prospects have been offered incentives to submit their contact information, it is not the most effective way to procure leads. Ideally you want to people to come to you for their insurance needs. Thusly, the best insurance sales leads can be procured through referrals, advertising, internet marketing via the social media and internet insurance marketing companies. Surveys of your target demographic is always a good way to determined what you should offer and tailor your product to your target market. There is nothing wrong with tweaking a standard proposal to benefit both parties. Flexibility is always great especially for the life insurance market.

If this is the direction you choose as the best or one of the better options for your business it’s a good idea to do your homework as to which company offers the best life insurance leads. Companies whose leads pan out approximately 80% of the time are the best for life insurance sales leads.

The trick to any success in your marketing campaign is closing the sale. You can market all you want, you can buy all the leads you want but if you have the inability to close the sale then it is all for naught.

Here are a few articles briefly discussing some of the types of life insurance sales leads that are available to you out there. We hope you enjoy them and happy closing.

Final Expense Leads

There are many insurance companies and even more insurance agents in the world. If you are an insurance agent than you will need to make sure that you market and find insurance leads to keep your business in the black. Read More…

Free Life Insurance Leads

So, you are in the market of selling life insurance but you do not have very many clients? This can be very frustrating and it can also cause you to miss the boat when you are trying to make money. Read More…

Mortgage Life Insurance Leads

Finding mortgage life insurance leads can be a tough task. Of course there are the traditional methods that are often used, such as the referrals, but sometimes this is not enough. Read More…

Term Life Insurance Leads

Term life insurance leads for agents are as significant as life insurance itself is for an individual and his or her immediate family. Read More…

Whole Life Insurance Leads

Life insurance leads play an instrumental role in the entire modus operandi that a life insurance agent devises or an insurance company has put in place. Read More…

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Life Insurance Sales Leads

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  • A brand new, modern portal in which to receive and work your leads

  • More self-service options and flexibility than ever before

  • Access to a free smartphone app which delivers your leads in real-time, enabling you to work your prospects on the go

  • Performance-based lead pricing

  • Integrations with all major lead management systems, raters and dialers

  • New lead-types – Commercial, Home Cross-Sell and Final Expense

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