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Life Insurance Leads ReviewsIt is imperative for any agent to refer to life insurance leads reviews to gain an insight of the various options at hand. Leads, especially qualified leads, are the very foundation of the life insurance industry and the best agents in the business are those who manage to get the best qualified premium leads.

Life Insurance Leads Reviews of
AgentInsider, InsureMe, and NetQuote
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Here are our life insurance leads reviews of three popular companies, all A+ rated by the BBB… NetQuote, InsureMe, & AgentInsider.

Review of NetQuote Leads

NetQuote is a very well known choice for life insurance agents. The company has a nationwide presence and a towering influence in the industry. Touted by many as one of the best, thousands of agents have used NetQuote leads. Now over 30 years in business, the company has evolved over time and despite having traditional means to generate leads, they have also engaged various contemporary strategies and by the sheer account of numbers, it remains the largest volume player as of date.

NetQuote leads can be filtered through various categories. Every life insurance agent has a niche and the choice of leads for anyone would be predominantly based on the type of insurance carriers one has and the kind of life insurance policies one can offer. Owing to NetQuote’s extensive and very detailed lead filtering process, agents can get precisely the kind of prospective customers that one wants. Since getting prospects is not the only objective but getting approvable leads is, these targeted prospects are certainly among the most workable ones any life insurance agent can get.

The volume that an agent can obtain here is very encouraging. There are many life insurance agents who can handle chunks of data and can target many prospective customers every day. For such firms or agents, getting a consistent supply of sales leads in substantial numbers is a challenge. This is something that can be conveniently addressed by insurance marketing service.

Buying NetQuote leads also provides free access to an integral Lead Management Tool. The management tool offers all the services that NetQuote has in the offing. From automatic replies to trackers documenting every development on a lead, the recording of all the phases in the sales process and the overall return on investment, everything can be managed and dealt with using the Lead Management Tool.

Putting together the advantage of volume, quality, the extensive filtering process and the efficient Lead Management Tool being available for free on buying NetQuote leads, our life insurance lead review of the company certainly pegs it as one of the most well facilitated, professional and beneficial company to deal with. Besides, there are very few companies offering Commercial Property and Casualty leads, something that many would be on the lookout for.

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Review of InsureMe Leads

InsureMe leads have emerged in the lead generation marketplace as one of the hottest insurance marketing companies in the life insurance segment. True to the company’s founding philosophy and objective, their quality is one of the best in the industry. While most life insurance leads reviews would tell you that many companies can work on numbers and provide volume, not all can actually manage to offer hot leads. How hot a lead is happens to be the most important criterion while judging any lead generation and supplying company in the insurance space. Converting this company’s targeted prospects to sales is much easier than other leads as the possibility of the leads being eventually underwritten by most insurance agents and financial advisors is much higher with InsureMe.

While the quality aspect is not an issue here, there is also the luxury to play with volume. Apart from being able to supply tons of leads, there are several features that can assist life insurance agents and financial advisors. InsureMe has a daily volume cap feature, allows agents to easily cap the daily supply of incoming leads as and when desired. Thus there is no anxiety of having less leads, more leads, wasted leads or forgotten or not followed up on leads. The customization feature of InsureMe leads is even better than NetQuote’s. Agents can practically select every minutest criterion of qualification or what definition one would use for the term ‘hot leads’.

The dedicated agent website of InsureMe is a revelation. It is the most well provisioned and informative resource and also a live site working in real time. With instantaneous updates, pre-loaded centralized data management system that helps in working on the leads and the fact that every activity is recorded and displayed like the status of the lead, follow up reminders and other facilities, InsureMe leads would be the best to work with for any life insurance agent.

InsureMe also makes available an extensive Agent Resource Center, the Agent Connection and the InsureMe Agent Blog. These are very helpful resources where one would find information on the absolute basics of life insurance, tips and tricks of converting prospects from this provider as well as the latest industry news. In a nutshell, according to our review of the top life insurance marketing services, InsureMe successfully provides a complete package for life insurance agents looking to develop a healthy ROI and bottom line.

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Review of AgentInsider

Before their acquisition by All Web Leads in 2015, AgentInsider leads emerged rather strongly in the insurance lead generation space by providing agents with the highest converting leads along with the most flexible insurance lead program in the industry.

You enjoy complete control over the ZIP Codes you target, 24/7 account access, volume controls as well as no sign-up fees or contracts. These are just some of the amazing features that AgentInsider provides its members. Their real-time, high-converting insurance leads are a definite must-have in your insurance marketing arsenal.

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