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The Best Free Life Insurance Sales Leads for Agents?

As the old saying goes, time waits for no one. And as such, sadly each and every one of us will eventually leave this world, as well as our loved ones, behind for good. Once a beloved head of household is gone, their loved ones will have to fend for themselves if that breadwinner didn't provide a suitable life insurance policy to take care of their family's finances.

Here at, we're here to provide you with top quality, yet cost-effective, targeted life insurance sales leads that represent those who give 100%, and more, for their loved ones by preparing for this sad eventuality; thus not burdening them with their passing when that sad time finally comes.

Sure, there is an excellent residual income stream to be earned by way of serving the quality life insurance leads available to this specific line of business, however life insurance lead generation itself can be a frustrating battle for even the most experienced life insurance agents and financial advisors.

In a perfect world, we'd absolutely be doing cartwheels if our businesses magically established themselves to the level where referrals alone would feed our families and bank accounts, but the truth is that most agents and advisors, regardless how established they may be, need to consistently and effectively market their practices to keep writing that fresh business and earning from it. At, our goal is to help our life insurance marketing audience select the top insurance marketing services best suited to their business.

There are countless approaches one can go about for obtaining life insurance leads and get the buzz going about your agency, whether it's the more old school approaches such as Yellow Pages advertising or direct mail campaigns, or current methods such as internet lead generation, we can help you decide how to best go about your qualified life insurance lead generation activities. Your marketing budget is priceless, and we hope to help you apply it where it stands the best opportunity to be the most effective for you with little to no risk for your practice.

With that said, in the subsequent pages you will find informative articles pertaining to life insurance lead generation, life insurance leads reviews of the top three insurance lead services online today, resources for staying current with the ever-changing insurance marketing industry, as well as news and headlines relevant to insurance.

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The Life Insurance Leads Team

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